CONfusions is an experimental realtime video sound portrait of Prague. With algorithmic
deconstruction of architectural photographs the city is reconstructed in a visual flow which
serves as a metaphor for transition and change. This work tries to catch the vibe and speed of Prague, steadily reconstructed, torn apart for new shopping centers, blending all together and leaving the illusion of beauty in a monotone but colorful self-consuming void.
It is an exploration departing from urban microstructures to a more general view onto our lifestyles of speed, consumption and visual entertainment. Analog fragments are melted with digital algorithms to question what is left ?  

Sound produced and authorised by "the ecstasy of saint theresa" (Prague/CZ)Thanks to Palac Akropolis Prague, CIANT Prague, Pepinieres pour les jeunes artistes, EU Culture 2000, Prague City Hall, MAP XXL, Prague Ministry of Culture

This work was first shown at the Digital Transit show of ARCO Madrid (ESP).